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Doctors swear by it and janitors demand it. Sandy was so excited. She still had some in the glass. Lil’ carey is ready. Sweet jennie learns to be an obedient slave to her cousin.


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Nasty piss stories. Rachael ray being bossy and hot at an orgy. A boy stuck his limp prick in her mouth and pissed a gusher. However this time the glass wasn?t for piss. He to pissed all over the front of her. What is it about sitting down to take a leak that men hate? what makes it a cause of suspicion? does it reveal some secret yearning to be female? one step away from wearing tights under your jeans? The slave ends her first full day in training.


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Two navy officers meet, marry and she is killed in war. I saw her throat muscles gulp as she swallowed the little bit of warm piss that was in her mouth. I set it up with five friends of mine.

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