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Nanette burstein documentary american teen


Nanette burstein - adrienne shelly foundation

Sometimes we would suggest directors we thought would be interesting, showing their reels to nanette and jordan and seeing what they responded to. The film began with documentarian nanette bursteins unusual vision of making a film that would expand on the classic teen comedies of john hughes the breakfast club, pretty in pink, sixteen candles via a fresh, honest, 3-dimensional, 21st century reality. On their own, they wouldn’t be approached for large-scale projects or commercial ventures. The belize authorities were satisfied that everything they said in the documentary was a lie. Stories are seductive and compelling, but the truth is messy and uncertain. In no order of things is adolescence the time of the simple life.


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Nanette burstein documentary american teen. Even so, sales bottom-lines working on. Seen on sky news; featured in the guardian, ny times, the independent and more. She had enough film,” says mitch. But what really convinced burstein that she had found the right place to make her movie were the high school students she met there, a group of savvy yet sincere, tough yet funny, anxious yet articulate kids who seemed to both encompass and defy the typical teen stereotypes of jocks, freaks, queen bees, hunks and renegades. : it is good stuff.

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Burstein and her pre-determined impressions and accusations towards john mcafee. Part of it was considering which [teenager’s] story would resonate most with our directors.

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