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Lump in my cunt

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Urban dictionary: pussy lump

Keep the area clean down there. Do warm compress over it twice a day. This will soften it and may help in draining it. When i go to the toilet sometimes i feel a sort of lump down there, however its not there all the time it comes and goes. Any such manipulations imparts bacteria from our hands to the pimple. If not, you may need a hormonal treatment. You need to go for an examination by a gyne.


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Lump in my cunt. So i squeezed it. Could anyone help plz? Bathe yourself or wash the area with water after the running session. It somtimes feels fine, then i get a random feeling as if its cut and a bit swollen.

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My problem is there is a tear at that side of the enterance to my vagina. Reason behind the itch now may be dryness or altered ph due to all these medications. As for everyone else worried, just talk to someone.

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