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You must be a teenager or never were intimately involved with a woman. I was on the swim team in middle school and we wore these really tight speedo one-piece racer swimsuits. My aunt also had to pee, and we hear her in her dory voice; Are you over eighteen and willing to see adult content? Both genders are surprisingly equal when it comes to not wanting piss-stained underwear. Pulling a wet one-piece bathing suit down and back up over a wet body is tortuous so it was easier to just move the crotch to the side and pee that way. Skin irritations and infections will follow.

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Girls piss on. It would make sitting on the toilet quite difficult, after all. Then i could more efficiently get back to swimming laps and coming in last every race. Plus, urine being an odor-causing liquid will make things even more repugnant. My mom, sister and aunt were out, and while treading water, my mom and sister were laughing about peeing simultaneously. They were on a hill, a perfect spot to see who pissed the furthest.

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Gee, you sound classy. There do you feel better now.

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