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Dealing with masturbation

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3 steps to kick the habit of masturbation

Musterbation can lead to low sperm count and low ejaculation, making you weak leading to infertility. I’ve served as a missionary, a pastor, and as a pastoral counselor. And to clarify, not every living mammal masturbates. You are not alone.


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Dealing with masturbation. Not that it will ever worry me but perhaps its better for a 13 year old to rather masturbate than to have sex (anal and oral is nothing else than masturbation). One of my school friends did talk about masturbation though. You are not alone!!! over 90% of men have viewed porn and my guess is they masturbated too. I hate it so much. I am a woman who is currently in recovery for codependent behavior but fear that due to childhood trauma i may have another problem. It grew into oral and anal and vaginal sex.

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But just because the bible does not directly condemn masturbation does not mean it has not been forbidden indirectly. Earth has come such a long way and yet some still cling to the myths afround masturbation.

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