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Blow me with youre asshole


Urban dictionary: blowing smoke up my ass

Who needs a rube goldberg-style delivery method when snorting will give you the same results? maybe the girls from that original facebook thread were just excited to be early adopters. Houlston published a helpful little rhyme: Know your meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you’re using an ad-blocking solution. I find it to be an incredibly intimate act. But it never seemed like something i would try. I can hardly blame them. That’s the word i should’ve used.


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Blowing smoke up your ass used to be literalA blonde with a magnificent ass is giving a blow job to her partner - pornid xxx25+ best  blow it out your ass memes | your memes, your opinion memes, but memes


Blow me with youre asshole. Believe it or not, it was a general mainstream medical procedure used to, among many other things, resuscitate people who were otherwise presumed dead. Don’t spend the whole time feeling weirdly about your body. If the person jerked around, mouth contact was also a risk, even more risky considering the person being administered too was sometimes diseased. Maybe they were having a laugh, and i ended up becoming the joke for trying it myself. More women develop rectal prolapse than men, especially women older than 50. The existing literature on the subject didn’t include the blowing method. If drugs are your thing, 2014 is a great time to be alive.

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Keep warm and rub till you succeed. Back in the late 1700s, however, doctors literally blew smoke up people’s rectums.

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