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Beauty facial treatment

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Based on medical strength actives, pure, chiral ingredients, biomimetic and encapsulated carriers. If purchased as a program of 6, you will also receive a salon gift voucher to the value of one facial. A gentle deep exfoliation treatment using a small diamond tip with a comfortable suction to gently remove dead, flaky, dry skin, leaving your skin feeling smooth fresh and bright. The use of effective vitamins and hydroxy acid exfoliation ensures your skin is being fully regenerated and energised. Allows better penetration of cosmeceutical products. Using peptides and anto ageing ingrediants to leave your skin super fresh and glowing. It will instantly settle, repair and restore your sensitive skin.


Beauty facial treatment. Bespoke dermal skin corrective treatments to transform the skin and achieve cell optimisation. Using the latest in professional strength ingredients and technology, as well as the healing power of hands-on facial massage, each of these facials is designed to address and correct your specific skin concerns. A spa twist for the ultimate indulgence! a results driven facial offering you super hydration and rebalancing the skin. Is your skin feeling congested? your problem skin will be deeply cleansed and purified without over drying or stripping the skin of its natural protective coating.

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Professional strength exfoliants will remove dry skin buildup while botanical extracts will brighten your complexion. To achieve optimal results, we recommend a course of treatments along with the use of the correct home care products.

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