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Bacteria vaginosis effects on sperm survival

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Can vaginal infections affect fertility? | kindara blog

Potential etiologies of unexplained infertility encompass miscomprehensions on the part of the couple regarding the concept of the female fertile window, improper coital techniques, erectile dysfunction, as well as molecular and functional causes of male and female infertility. Thus, our study might have missed cases of bv. The nonciliated cells secrete mucin in granular form through exocytosis. It is therefore conceivable that also other, non-coital sexual acts such as oral sex endanger the vaginal microflora through the transfer of bv-associated bacteria from the rectal and perineal regions to the vulvar region and the vagina in analogy to what has been observed for urinary tract infections [. The estimation of severity was based on direct observation of the tube.

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Vaginal dysbiosis

Bacterial communities in semen from men of infertile couples: metagenomic sequencing reveals relationships of seminal microbiota to semen qualityIn vaginal fluid, bacteria associated with bacterial vaginosis can be suppressed with lactic acid but not hydrogen peroxideThe epidemiology of bacterial vaginosis in relation to sexual behaviour


Bacteria vaginosis effects on sperm survival. Clomiphene citrate, propranolol) and smoking can also have detrimental effects on mucus receptivity to sperm. This process occurs when the female becomes immunized against sperm antigens. For instance, chronic cervicitis is associated with alterations of cervical mucus. In cesarean section patients. Secondary infections of the endometrium. Cst iv is associated with low levels of. I will do anything except douche because i was told it isn’t healthy.


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Other odour culprits

Finally, while there is ample evidence that both protected and unprotected penetrative sexual behaviour is at the very least a risk marker if not a causal factor to bv, it remains to be answered for how sexual contact is related to bv occurrence and whether this involves sexual transmission of bv-related micro-organisms from a male to a female host. In this review, we discuss the physiological role of the vaginal ph and cervical mucus in fertility, and describe several conditions that can render the cervical mucus hostile to sperm and therefore be implicated in the pathophysiology of unexplained infertility.

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