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We only get one chance at a first impression, and the person who projects the best self-image makes the best impression. In today's competitive society, people recognize the importance of self-improvement, whether it is for social or professional reasons. Exercise, skin care and nutrition are important but can only do so much. Real structural change requires more. In a sense, cosmetic surgery offers a second chance - the opportunity to defy both the calendar and genetics. Here I have compiled some of the most successful techniques used to achieve this goal.
When you are trying to decide whether or not plastic surgery will benefit you, the first step is exploring all of your available options. Educating yourself about plastic surgery will allow you to clarify which procedure will give you the results you need to improve your body and your confidence.
Sometimes it can be difficult to talk to your friends and family about the concerns you have with your body, especially if none of them have ever had the same concerns. We put together this site knowing that many people need a source that they can trust to turn to for detailed information about plastic surgery.
This site has it all. From tummy tucks and rhinoplasty to facelifts and liposuction, we have compiled all the information that you will need to make your decision.


Various Treatments includes:

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Ayurveda and Panchakarma therapy, Panchakarma training:

The modern day and age demands optimum efficiency and creativity in all walks of life. To meet this increasing stress, it is all the more necessary to be healthy and energetic. Ideally, we should aim to follow a healthy diet and reduce the stress in our lives to prevent the development of disease. However, in spite of taking care of the health, from time to time it is necessary to rejuvenate the body and remove the toxins that have accumulated. As a final step, when a disease has already developed, we have a responsibility to seek a natural and holistic cure which will ultimately restore balance to the body.

The Adarsh treatment program offers something special for everyone, whether you are looking for preventive health care, rejuvenation therapy or treatment and cure of a disease. Derived from the ancient Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapy, Adarsh treatment has been tailored to suit the needs of the modern times. Neelambari Kapileshwar is a Shishyaa of Vaidya Balaji Tambe who has spent many years researching the authentic Panchakarma techniques. This treatment is unique in that it works not only on a superficial level, but has the capacity to treat serious diseases such as heart ailments, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, paralysis, kidney disorders, obesity, spinal disorders, brain and nervous disorders, cancer, AIDS, and so on.

The duration of treatment depends on the requirement. For those with chronic ailments, 2 to 4 weeks are advised. Intensive courses of 7, 10 and 15 days are also offered to rejuvenate the body, increase the vigour and help prevent the development of disease. These intensive courses are offered to healthy people, to those with specific ailments who have already undergone Adarsh treatment, and to business executives who wish to maintain good health.

The basic course of treatment consists of the following therapies:

  • Snehan & Svedan : (oil massage and steam bath) allows toxins to be released from the cells, and promoting relaxation of the muscles and the entire body.
  • Antar Snehan: Intake of medicated ghee that is absorbed throughout the body, removing sticky toxins and creating softness and elasticity.
  • Special Virechan : (purgative) medication for the complete cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract and bowels.
  • Basti : enema of medicated oil with a decoction of herbs is given to clean the colon and restore the muscle tone.
  • After this initial treatment, additional therapies are offered, according to the doctor's advise, which are suitable for specific diseases. These therapies include:
  • Hrud Basti : for heart.
  • Shiro basti & Shiro dhara: for brain
  • Pinda Svedan : for arthritis, paralysis and muscular disorders
  • Sandhi basti : for bones and joints
  • Netra basti : for eyes and brain
  • Nasya : for sinuses, eyes and brain
  • Karnapuran : for ears and brain
  • Kundalini massage & Merudanda basti : for back pain and disorders of the spine, e.g. slipped disc and vertebral degeneration
  • Electrotherapy : for specific ailments
  • Smoke basti & Uttara basti : for gynaecological disorders.
  • Following the doctors' advice, other therapies may also be prescribed to meet the needs of a particular individual. By our renowned Therapist research is continually being carried out and the treatment program is frequently being updated to include new treatments for specific ailments.

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